Ujala Shabbir

Ujala Shabbir

Ujala Shabbir is a microbiologist pursuing her MPhil in Microbiology at the University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences in Lahore. Her research is focused on the "preparation of calcium-conjugated FMDV vaccine and its comparative immunogenicity with other vaccine delivery systems". She completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Microbiology from the same university in 2021 with a CGPA of 3.72/4. During her undergraduate studies, she took various microbiology-related courses and gained practical experience through internships.

Translation in Prokaryotes

translation in prokaryotes

Introduction Translation means decoding the mRNA and linking amino acids covalently together to form a polypeptide. In simple words, translation is the biological process in which messenger RNA is translated into proteins in prokaryotes. This happens at the ribosome. Translation…

Transcription in prokaryotes

transcription in prokaryotes

Introduction Transcription is a process in which RNA is formed from the DNA. The RNA formed has a complementary sequence to the template DNA that directs its synthesis. Only adenine that incorporates the thymine in DNA replication, directs the incorporation…

Bacteria Structure [ Simply explained]

Bacteria structure

Bacteria structure includes the following: STRUCTURES EXTERNAL TO CELL WALL FLAGELLA for further study in detail must read Flagella: An overview It is the locomotory organ. It helps in motility. On the basis of locomotion, bacteria are classified as: MOTILE…