Rimsha Bashir

Rimsha Bashir

Rimsha Saith is a highly knowledgeable microbiologist with a keen interest in the field. Her expertise and passion are in her writing for Microbiology. As a writer, Rimsha has authored numerous articles that have been well-received by both health and medical students and industries.

Flagella stain – Principle, Procedure, and Result:

flagella stain

Flagella stain principle          Flagella are intricate filamentous cytoplasmic structures that protrude through the cell wall. The flagellin protein, which makes up the majority of these unbranched, lengthy, thread-like filaments, is delicately woven into the cell membrane. They are roughly…

Staining in microbiology, and Its techniques

staining in microbiology

 What is the staining technique?               Staining in microbiology involves adding dyes to the smear that are either charged-attractive (cationic dyes like methylene blue or crystal violet) or charged-repelling (anionic dyes like eosin or India ink). Bacterial cells are bound…

Bacterial Growth Curve

Bacterial growth curve

What is the Bacterial growth curve? What are the phases of bacterial growth?                 Even while comprehending the differences between the lag, log, stationary, and death phases of a cell growth curve despite the fact that it may appear like…