Rimsha Bashir

Rimsha Bashir

Rimsha Saith is a highly knowledgeable microbiologist with a keen interest in the field. Her expertise and passion are in her writing for Microbiology. As a writer, Rimsha has authored numerous articles that have been well-received by both health and medical students and industries.

Nucleoplasm – Its structure and function


History of nucleoplasm         Franz Bauer later characterized and depicted the nucleus, which includes the nucleoplasm, after the Dutch microscopist Leeuwenhoek initially noted its presence in 1682. However, it wasn’t until Robert Brown’s presentation to the Linnean Society in 1831…

Golgi Apparatus – Its Structure and Function

golgi apparatus

History of Golgi Apparatus:          Italian cytologist Camillo Golgi first observed the Golgi apparatus in 1897. Golgi developed the Golgi stain, commonly known as the reazione era, during his early research on nerve tissue. Using this method, silver nitrate is…

Nuclear Envelope – Its structure and functions

Nuclear envelope

Introduction The nucleus, the central organelle within eukaryotic cells, is encapsulated by a vital structure known as the nuclear envelope. This double-membraned boundary plays a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of the genetic material and orchestrating various cellular processes.…