Rimsha Bashir

Rimsha Bashir

Rimsha Saith is a highly knowledgeable microbiologist with a keen interest in the field. Her expertise and passion are in her writing for Microbiology. As a writer, Rimsha has authored numerous articles that have been well-received by both health and medical students and industries.

What is RNA Polymerase?

RNA polymerase

Introduction of RNA polymerase: RNA polymerase, also known as DNA-directed/dependent RNA polymerase (DdRP), is usually known as RNAP, this enzyme creates RNA from a DNA template or RNApol in molecular biology. Locally, the double-stranded DNA is opened by the enzyme…

Isolation and Estimation of DNA

Isolation and Estimation of DNA

History and introduction of DNA extraction: DNA extraction is a technique to separate DNA from cell membranes, proteins, and other biological components from a sample using physical and/or chemical processes. For the first instance, DNA isolation was done by Friedrich…

36 Types of PCR you must know in 2024

Types of PCR

Types of PCR (Polymerase chain reaction) PCR is a technique used to replicate DNA in in-vitro conditions. There are many types of PCR mentioned below Also Read PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction): Its principle, components, and applications Amplified fragment length polymorphism(AFLP)PCR:…

Peroxisomes – Its structure and function


History of peroxisomes:         De Duve et al. extracted microbodies from the rat liver and termed them peroxisomes in 1965. They were membrane-bound organelles that included a variety of oxidases that produce H2O2 and catalase, degrading H2O2. In 1976, the…

Lysosome – Its structure and function


History of lysosome:        Christian de Duve, a Belgian biologist, discovered lysosomes and was given the 1974 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. He is also credited with the discovery of peroxisomes, which are other cellular organelles. De Duve and…

The function of Golgi Apparatus

Function of golgi apparatus

What is the Golgi apparatus?         The Golgi apparatus is a sort of organelle (i.e., a cell structure that processes and packages proteins and lipid molecules and can be seen under an electron microscope), often referred to as the Golgi…